The Catholic University of America

CUA Pathways

What is CUA Pathways?

CUA Pathways is a program supported by Leadership@CUA and the Office of Campus Activities (OCA) in order to foster intentional, meaningful connections between faculty and students. Through CUA Pathways, students are partnered with a trusted member of the faculty to turn to for guidance on issues related to academics and life balance, future plans, personal values, and goals for personal, professional, and academic development. Through CUA Pathways, participants will enhance their experience at CUA while becoming better community members and campus leaders.

The CUA Pathways program will:

Establish meaningful connections between members of CUA’s faculty and undergraduate students.

Allow participants to identify how to balance life and academics, plan for the future, and achieve personal goals.

Encourage the creation of lifelong learning goals.

Develop participants as community members and leaders.  

Program Activities

  • Pathways Meet and Greet: At the beginning of the academic year, all students and mentors will meet with each other as a group to kick-off the program year. An overview of requirements, expectations, and scheduled activities will be provided.

  • CUA Christmas Get-together: Students and their mentors will meet for the Christmas Tree Lighting in the Pryzbyla Center, attend an OCA sponsored Christmas reception, and then attend the Christmas Concert at the Basilica. 

  • Martin Luther King Day of Service: Students are encouraged to collaborate with their mentors on a service opportunity available on the MLK Day of Service.

  • Cardinal Leadership Celebration: To wrap up the year, students and their mentors will be invited to the Cardinal Leadership Celebration, to include a private reception prior to the awards ceremony. 

 Who should join CUA Pathways?

Students entering their sophomore year are encouraged to apply! CUA Pathways is ideal for students who are in the emerging stage of their leadership development, who would benefit from a longterm personal relationship with a faculty member and wish to challenge themselves to grow their definition of leadership and community engagement. 

How do I join CUA Pathways?

Applications become available on the Nest over the summer between students' first and second year. Applications remain open until the first week of September. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please stop by the Office of Campus Activities or apply on the Nest before September 2nd, 2016.