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Cardinal Leaders

What Is the Cardinal Leaders Program?

The Cardinal Leaders Program from Leadership@CUA allows students to continue to build their leadership skills. Through Cardinal Leaders, students work with their peers and professionals to learn about the dynamics of leadership in a group setting, primarily through the use of the relational leadership model.

Who should join Cardinal Leaders?

Any undergraduate student who has completed the Emerging Leaders Program or has some leadership experience, who has a passion for leadership, and who has a desire to learn how to be a better leader.

How do I join Cardinal Leaders?

Applications for the Cardinal Leaders program open in the Fall semester. Students should apply on the Nest in mid- to late-Fall for the Spring semester. 

Please direct questions about Cardinal Leaders to:

Greg Weaver, Assistant Director for Student Leadership 

Meg Reilly, Assistant Student Coordinator for Leadership Programs

Elise LaFleur, Assistant Student Coordinator for Leadership Programs

or the Office of Campus Activities Staff

Phone: (202) 319-6003

 Cardinal Leaders Students