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 The Cardinal Leadership Academy consists of three programs, Emerging Leaders, Cardinal Leaders, and Boundless. Each provide participants with a unique opportunity to discover, increase, and utilize their leadership skills, values, and strengths in different settings. The Cardinal Leadership Academy is based on Social Change Model with each workshop focusing on leadership as a process rather than a position with positive change being the ultimate goal. Each area of the Cardinal Leadership Academy focuses on a specific area of leadership.  Emerging Leaders focuses on individual leadership, Cardinal Leaders on group leadership, and Boundless societal leadership. All three areas of The Cardinal Leadership Academy end with a unique leadership opportunity!  

Check out our programs below for more information on how to join!  

Emerging Leaders Program

What to expect:  

ELP takes place each Fall on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm.

Individuals explore their leadership identity, skills, values, and strengths over 6 workshops.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact at the end of the program with student leaders on campus and find on campus opportunities to use their newly identified personal leadership skills.

Ideal for students wanting to understand their individual leadership styles, values, and development. 

Registration for ELP is currently closed - check back in Fall 2018!




What to expect:Cardinal Leaders

Cardinal Leaders takes place each Spring in the Pryz on Wednesday nights. 

Participants will build on their group leadership skills and values through a series of 6 workshops. The workshops are based around the group values of the Social Change Model.  

Cardinal Leaders is ideal for students who are looking to grow their skills and values in collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility.  

Registration for Cardinal Leaders is now open.

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