The Catholic University of America

How Will You Lead? 

All around the world and in nearly every field there are leaders that have gotten the foundations they needed from the leadership initiatives at The Catholic Universtiy of America.

Whether you're just discovering your leadership potential or are looking to bolster existing skills, our programs will help you develop the knowldge and confidence you need to soar. 

Are you ready to lead? Check out our programs below for more information on how to join!

The Emerging Leaders Program is an introduction to leadership at CUA. This program will provide you with the foundations and framework that you will need to get involved.

The Office of Campus Activities, in conjunction with the Graduate Student Association, is proud to offer leadership opportunities to the graduate student community at CUA. Workshop series are offered each semester on a variety of leadership-based topics.


The Cardinal Leaders Program is designed to build your leadership skills. Most Cardinal Leaders have completed ELP or taken on leadership roles in the CUA community. This program will help you to sharpen your skills and learn how to mentor those who are just starting out. 

Upcoming Events 


Welcome to Leadership@CUA

Learn about all Leadership@CUA has to offer during Ox! We'll provide an overview of leadership involvement opportunities, including the annual Leadership Rertreat, plus we'll do some quick, fun leadership skill-building activities!

"Welcome to Leadership@CUA" will be held September 10 at 4:00 p.m. in Pryz Great Room C.


Student Leadership Renewal

Burnt out, tired, or just plan unmotivated at the end of the semester? Join Leadership@CUA for a renewal workshop where you can rediscover your passion for all that you do and learn tips for keeping overstimulation, hectic schedules, and too many committments at bay.

"Student Leadership Renewal" will be held December 3 at 6:00 p.m. in Pryz 321.



 For questions about Leadership@CUA, visit the Office of Campus Activities in Pryzbyla 125 or email