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How Will You Lead? 

Leadership@CatholicU offers different opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership ability. Whether you're discovering your leadership potential or looking to bolster existing skills, Leadership@CatholicU programs will develop the knowledge and confidence you need to soar. 

Are you ready to lead? Join us at our programs, see below on how to join!




Cardinal Leadership Academy

The Cardinal Leadership Academy takes place Wednesday nights and consists three different Leadership programs for students to increase their leadership competencies, values, skills, and strengths. 
Emerging Leaders takes place in the fall and focuses on individual leadership.
Cardinal Leaders looks at group leadership in the spring.
Boundless is a yearlong program that focuses on community leadership.  




The Cultural Leadership Retreat is a weekend long retreat designed for students to explore cultural identity, discuss leadership within the context of a diverse society, and have conversations about power, ability, and privilege. Participants attending CLR will engage in activities and discussions that will challenge their concepts on these topics.    



Student Leadership Conference


The CatholicU Leadership Conference is a day long event that allows students an opportunity to learn about leadership in many different settings. Conference participants will have the opportunity to attend a keynote speaker session, breakout sessions, interactive table discussions, and poster presentations. Students who participate in Boundless will be presenting their leadership projects to the CatholicU community.  






 Contact Leadership@CatholicU

Office of Campus Activities                                                                                    620 Michigan Ave Pryzbyla Center 204                                                            Washington, DC 20064                                                                                             (202) 319-6003

Greg Weaver, Assistant Director for Student Leadership                                  

 Upcoming Events 


Emerging Leaders

Registration will open in August 2018. 

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Registration will open in Fall 2018.

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 Cardinal Leaders 

Cardinal Leaders is ideal for students who are looking to grow their group leadership skills and values in collaboration, common purpose, and controversy with civility.

Registration will open in the Spring.



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